Sandro Castellana

For over 25 years, Sandro has been involved in fitness and in particular since the early years of his activity, he specialized in indoor activities (from functional training to functional recovery), and outdoor activities (from mountain biking to snowboarding).

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Milano, Italia

His Story

Sandro has realized that the mental aspects linked to every sport discipline and well-being oriented are very important in the performance support both for the amateurs of the fitness circuit and for the professional athletes.
Every individual has his own motivation, but sometimes emotional fears, past failures or lack of clarity in defining the goal can limit and restrain the physical and emotional potential. He then approached a new discipline, which allowed him to provide this additional support in helping people achieve their goals: how to access their resources and when to use them to best achieve the desired performance or the intended goal.
Thanks to the training undertaken as a Sport & Life Coach, Sandro is able to combine the different disciplines and provide "all-round" support, and  physical and psycho-physical well-being.
He collaborates as personal trainer, coach, trainer and wellness advisor with prestigious Fitness Club of Milan and province and with the CERICO Studio (Center for Psychology Research on Communication). and is also professor at the UNITRE (University of the three ages).

His Card

LANGUAGES: English, Italian

TEACHES: Slimming, Toning, Postural, Weightlifting,
Multidisciplinary Sports Preparation: Mountain Bike / Spinning / Swimming / Squash / Skiing and Snowboarding, Active Isolated Stretching, Functional Recovery, Wellness Advisor / Sports and Food Advisory, Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Mental Training, Motivating, Planning of Goals, Time management, Valorization of own resources, Self-esteem

COURSES FOR: Beginners, Intermediates, Experts

PRICE: 45' 80€

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