World-renowned personal trainer, former bodybuilding champion and expert herbalist, Angelo has dedicated his career to fitness at 360°. His experience in the wellness sector is polyvalent and developed in various aspects, from gym training to well-being, thanks to his knowledge in the herbal field.


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Campione d'Italia, Switzerand

His Story

Angelo took part in various national and international bodybuilding competitions, and has worked for many years as personal trainer in the most prestigious Italian and US gyms, working with international clients, up to the point of founding and managing an important chain of wellness centers, Elite Spa & Wellness. Over the years he has developed an excellent preparation in terms of training aimed at perfect physical fitness and has developed a 360-degree knowledge of personal care and everything concerning psycho-physical well-being, also passing on the knowledge of purification and wellbeing. 

Personal Trainer (Italian Fitness Federation)
Accounting Diploma
FIA Personal Trainer FIA Pump-instructor
Postural training I.s.s.a.
Gravity training
Kinesis instructor
F.A.C.S facial acts code sistem
RIP Trainer (trx)
P.T.A global functional training
Reactivator (University Lugano FC International Milan)
Massage course - soft linfatic massage (CSEN - Accademia Ayurveda)
Basic medicine course for sports (Sports science academy)
Postural specialist (ELAV)
Advanced medicine course for sports (Sports Science Academy)
Various masters in training - nutrition - psychology - marketing & communication
Private studies and collaborations with various doctors
Aerial Yoga Certificate

His Card

LANGUAGES: Italian, English

TEACHES: Muscolar, Weight Loss

PRICE: 45' 80€

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