So many Yoga choices

From what you have heard you believe yoga could be good for you. You start searching for a yoga studio and here you are faced with the first struggle: which yoga practice is best for me?

yin and yang Yoga is an ancient discipline which has developed over time, and since it has reached the western world has taken different personalities: yoga created its own Yin and Yang!

Let’s talk about the Yang, which is mostly found in the practices found at Yoga studios. The practices involving more Yang are those with a stronger emphasis on physical activity, they challenge the muscles with dynamic exercises which require to keep a pose longer. It is the Yoga practice considered more physical and where most of the movements are done standing.

Yoga Yin is a more delicate practice which requires more focus since it is centered on maintaining a certain posture and being able to relax. It is meant to slow down all physical and mental functions by focusing on the central nervous system to relax the mind. It is recommended to reduce stress.

Here are some of the most common practices offered by Yoga studios:

HATHA – It is very basic with slow motion movements, holding the poses for a few breaths. Classifiable as Yin.

VINYASA – A dynamic practice which combines movements with breath. The pace and change of poses is fast and dynamic. Classifiable as Yang.

IYENGAR – Everything is based on precision and attention to details for each pose kept for a longer time. Classifiable as Yin.

ASHTANGA – A very disciplined and difficult approach: a series of six well defined poses with precise movements and breaths. Classifiable as Yang.

BIKRAM – 26 poses and 2 breath exercises in a hot room at over 40 degree Celsius with humidity over 40%. 90 minutes of pure sweat. Classifiable as Yang.

HOT YOGA – practiced in a hot room but without the restrictions and constrains of Bikram. Careful though, the feeling is of super relaxed muscles and the risk is pulling them. Classifiable as Yang.

YIN YOGA – Poses are kept for a few minutes allowing also meditation. Classifiable as the name says as Yin.

RESTORATIVE – First impressioni is you are not working a lot since the movements are slow and soft, kept for a long time to kick in also the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings full relaxation. Classifiable as Yin.

What should you choose? The best recommendation is to mix up all practiced in order to benefit from both the Yin and Yang effects.

Try one of our Yoga classes: our trainers can recommend the best practice for you.

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