Muscular memory with Pilates

pilates e schiena drittaAre you aware of the movements you make when you sit, or stand up or walk? Probably NOT!

What happens in our motor part is authomatic, thanks to years of continous repetitions of the same movements, repetitions that start since we are babies. If you observe babies learning to walk, you will see they face their for steps with a lot of falls: it take a lot of effort to install a natural motor behavior.

But when the first aches to the neck, back, knees show up, that is the moment to ask ourselves if these automated movements have got us to the wrong posture with joints overload. In most cases, rehabilitation exercise, also known as Pilates in the fitness and wellness world, will be recommended.

Pilates can correct the movements harmful to the body and replace them with correct one. Just as it took years to get to the current motor behaviour, only time and practice will allow the body to get used to more balance, healthy and mostly correct movements.

In Pilates everything is about practice and repetition. Do it multiple times in the week, repeating the correct movements to allow muscle realignment and memorization, leading to a correct posture when we sit, stand, sit up and walk.

Repetita iuvant in Pilates! Do not lose any time, activate your muscular memory now.

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