YOGA is a practice that descends from an ancient discipline with the aim of achieving a harmonious state of body and mind through meditation, asceticism and body exercises, including an unimaginable vastness of benefits

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The PILATES method, for several years now, has positionned itself among the most practiced sports disciplines. Based on fluid and harmonic movements, it improves flexibility, builds strength and develops endurance in the entire body.

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The term MINDFULNESS is a practice of meditation and relaxation  that involves focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own emotions, thoughts, and sensations) in the present moment.

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STRETCHING is a light and revitalizing relaxation activity that consists of relaxing the muscles, improve posture and evacuate stress. Stretching has many benefits and can be practiced every day, even if you do not practice any sport.

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REBOUNDING consists of exercises performed bouncing on a mini trampoline with music, which allow all the muscles of the body to work at different intensities, guaranteeing a complete and super fun training..

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Functional Training

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING has the task of helping us to improve everything that includes our daily motor activity and to make it easy and, precisely, functional, placing the body and its movement as the cornerstone of the exercises.

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ZUMBA is a complete program that combines all the elements of fitness: cardio and muscle training, balance and flexibility, and which is based on aerobic movements performed at the rhythm of music, like a choreography.

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KRAVFIT is a mix of attack and defense techniques, transformed into steps using all movement plans for a total training that develops the muscles harmoniously and has a positive influence on body statics.

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Booty Lab

BOOTY LAB is a mix of several disciplines: pilates, dance and yoga, and the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element that is practiced at the barre, as in classical dance.

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Metabolic Training

METABOLIC TRAINING is a training program that groups together effective workouts suitable for all fitness levels using continuous training, cardio, resistance, interval training, or high intensity interval training.

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In this section we do not talk about real training, but about the nutritional rules that should be respected both at a professional but also an amateur level to lead a correct and healthy lifestyle.

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Body Weight

BODYWEIGHT is a mix of strenght training exercices that use the individual's own weigh to provide resistance again. It enhances a range of abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

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COMBAT TRAINING is in effect a training that is part of the athletic preparation of boxing and other combat sports, and suitable for those who want to improve the cardiovascular condition and optimize the consumption of fat.

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Power Training

POWER TRAINING is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) and aims to stimulate strength and muscle tone and is ideal for burning body fat, using overloads to reach an athletic and powerful body.

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SWIMMING is the activity that allows the buoyancy and motion of in the water. It involves almost all the muscles of the body, and is a complete and healthy sport which promotes health, longevity and psychological well-being.

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RUNNING is the activity on which the vast majority of sports activities are based. In athletics, the race is divided into two sectors: speed and resistance, using different energy sources and different training methods. 

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CYCLING is a wonderful sport thanks to many aspects: it can have the characteristics of a quiet ride, or it can have high athletic content if you follow the footsteps of the great champions, or it can still be an interesting means of exploration.

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TRIATHLON is a multidisciplinary resistance sport in which the athlete covers in order a swimming test, a cycling test and a running test, without interruption, having to express completely different sports gestures during their effort.

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